Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Saturday December 7, 2013 by State Wars Roller Derby.

Q: What is the mission statement/purpose for the event?
A: State Wars Roller Derby is focused to provide a competitive, geographically structured, national roller derby tournament. It is our mission to give selected
participants the pride and honor of representing their current state.
Q: Who is in charge? Who created this?
A: State Wars Roller Derby tournament is the property of iDerby LLC and run by its owner Jeremy "Streak" Strecker who is one of the lead organizers and founders of Team Usa mens roller derby and brings with him more than 10 years experience managing roller skating events.
Q: Is this meant to be competition for, or in any way related, to the World Cup?
A: No, this event is not related to any other events
Q: Conversely, is this meant to be competition for the World Cup?
A: This event is similar to the World Cup, but on a national scale.
Q: Is it an allstar tournament, or something else?
A: We are looking for the best of the best from your entire state, but it is not limited to your all-star roster.
Q: Who is eligible? Any skater from the state, or only travel team skaters?
A: Any skater that wants to register is eligible.
Q: Will this be played under WFTDA/MRDA rulesets?
A: Yes, this will be played under the most current WFTDA/MRDA rulesets.
Q: Are skaters from other rulesets eligible to try out/join?
A: Yes, but again, this will be played under the most current WFTDA/MRDA rulesets.
Q: How will insurance for this event work?
A: Although the bouts will not be sanctioned, they will be regulation, therefore anyone that is covered under WFTDA/MRDA insurance will be covered at this event.  
Q: How will tryouts be conducted? By whom? Is it up to states to decide? If so, how will leaders/coaches/judges be chosen?
A; Tryouts will be held on a per state basis (if more than 20 skaters register) by the designated state coach.
Q: If it's geographically possible, are teams allowed to practice as teams before the event?
A: Yes, we would encourage the teams to practice prior to the event.
Q: Are there sponsors? Is there any way to offset travel costs, besides fundraising?
A: Currently there are no national team sponsors, however we will be providing a team website space to assist each state gain sponsors and fundraise separately.