Event Information

Updated Thursday June 12, 2014 by State Wars Roller Derby.

Here's How It Works
State Wars will be the first Roller Derby Tournament of its kind in which the top skaters from across the country will come together to compete on a national stage.

This year's event will be held in world famous Daytona Beach Florida at the spacious and modern Ocean Center complex.

Registration will be open to all Juniors, Adults, Coaches, and Officials starting December 1st, 2013 and will close on February 28th, 2014.
There is a registration category for Adults, Juniors, Coaches and Officials (NSO sign up falls under officials category).
Registration is free and you must live within your state you plan to compete for.
This tournament will not be made up of individual local teams; Instead, each state will pool talent from across their entire state to face off against other states for cash, prizes and state pride.
Everyone will initially register as individuals, and a final team will be decided by your state coach. This process will ensure nobody that would like to participate is over looked and biased is eliminated to the best of our abilities.
We are looking for the best team your state can offer, State Wars wants the best charter your state can build to come and compete versus the other states in the nation.

We hope you will join us and help to make this tournament great.

The Goal
The reason this event was created was to eliminate super teams from forming from all over the country and crazy transfers from happening, while expanding the talent pool each team has to pull from, making for much higher level games across the board.
This tournament  will give everyone a shot at being number one, not just the elite teams that cycle 1 -20 year after year.
You no longer have to be on a top 10 WFTDA,MRDA or JRDA team to compete in a national tournament, or be forced to compete against the league that is the next town over from you. Now you have the opportunity to become stronger and play together for your home state.
This tournament brings a refreshing change of pace to the sport after WFTDA,MRDA and JRDA champs ends. We have no intention to compete with these organizations and we will continue to schedule our tournaments to avoid such conflicts.

Event Dates


State Wars will be held Friday, November 21st through Sunday November 23rd 2014




Event Rules





State wars will be played under the most current set of WFTDA/MRDA rules available.









Event Pricing





Your registration fee will be paid through www.statewarsrollerderby.com at such time as tryouts are closed and a final team roster is set.


The registration fee will be a set price per team so to keep your own cost low it’s in your best interest to bring 20 skaters.
Final pricing will be annouced after tryouts.
Registration Requirements


18 and over men and women skaters: You *must* currently be living in the state you are signing up for. Government photo ID or state license will be required upon registration.



Junior skaters: ID card is required upon registration. If you do not have an ID card, please use your parent or guardians id/license to verify residence and birth certificate to verify age.



Parents/legal guardian of Juniors: Liability waiver needs to signed upon registration.



Registration Dates
Registration opens December 1st, 2013 and will close February 28th, 2014 at 11:59pm
Everyone must register under their state in which they live and provide proof of residence.
You will have the option to register as a Skater, Coach, or official. NSO sign up will be located under officials section.
There will be 3 main divisions at State Wars:
- Juniors (17 and under by November 21 2014)
- Men (18 and over by November 20 2014)
- Women  (18 and over by November 20 2014)
There will be one team per division per state.
For Example, in Texas there would be:
Team Texas Junior's
Team Texas Men's
Team Texas Women's.
Each team in each division will have a maximum charter of 20 skaters and a minimum of 10 skaters.
There is no maximum for how many skaters may register for their state. If more than 20 skaters sign up for your state division the state coach or captain will be required and MUST hold a tryout between March 1st and April 30th.
Team Selection
Everyone will register as an individual skater and select the team they will play for.  You may organize your team ahead of time but there is no guarantee that you will make the team. State coaches will make the final decision regarding the team roster.
When registration closes on March 1st, a final registration list will be sent to your coach or captain listing all skaters that signed up for their state. At this point the final roster will be decided or tryouts will be held by your coach. After tryouts, your coach will then report back to State Wars with their charter of 20
Final Roster
After the final 20 skaters are chosen they will be setup with their own team section of the State Wars website where they can communicate, organize, and modify as they see fit.
You can also label sponsors and post pictures of the team on your site to help fundraising.



Coaching Requirements


Coaches like skaters must sign up for their state, if multiple coaches apply for the same position the coach with the best resume will be chosen by our committee.
Our committee will consist of members from all 3 major divisions. WFTDA rep MRDA rep and a JRDA rep. They will oversee the coach selection process for all states signed up.
If no coach applies for your state a Captain will take on the responsibility.
Adult teams may have a skater/coach.
Junior teams must have an adult coach.
Starting March 1st, a final registration list will be sent by State Wars to coaches to assist in picking the state team, If more than 20 people sign up for the state, a tryout must be organized and held by your coach.
If a tryout must be held a full charter of skaters must be chosen. Each coach is given a maximum of 5 wild card picks per team per category. Wild card skaters must still live within the state they plan to play for or be moving to your state before November 1st 2014. These should be reserved for your top picks that may have a hard time making it to tryouts.
If you plan to move before Registration ends, please register under the state you plan to move to. Each state has 5 wild card picks for this reason
This means that you do not need to fly to your new state to attend tryouts. Your new states coach would need to still pick you for the final charter of 20.
If you have already tried out for your state team and you then need to move. We will then work with your new states coach to see if a transfer is possible.
We will give the coach the ability to accept or reject a transfer even if a full charter of 20 is already chosen. If less than 20 skaters are on the state charter the transfer will be accepted automatically.
If a transfer is not a viable option, you may retain your original spot on the state you tried out for.
Any attempt to abuse the transfer policy will result in your registration being pulled and you will not attend State Wars under any states charter.
We will ensure the goals and views of State wars are upheld through these processes.